Junk Removal Prices

Junk Removal Prices

How much does junk removal cost?

Junk Removal Prices are based on the volume of what is taken away with an exception of items that are heavier than 100 pounds per each cubic yards such as Cinder Blocks, etc. Please measure the pile then use the Junk Removal Price Calculator and the Interactive Price Catalog to find your cost.

Junk Removal Prices for Household and Office Goods

(Includes loading, hauling, Recycling, dump fees and Donation Receipt Service Option)

Service Volume* Example Service Area Curbside / Loading Area Pickup – Price Single-Family / Townhome – Price Multi-Family / Office Building – Price
Tier 1 3 cubic yards 1 Sofa DC, MD, VA $ 120 $ 139 $ 175
Tier 2 4 cubic yards 1 Sofa & 1 Chair DC, MD, VA $ 160 $ 175 $ 225
Tier 3 5 cubic yards 1 Sofa & 1 Loveseat DC, MD, VA $ 175 $ 205 $ 250
Tier 4 10 cubic yards Double Tier 3 DC, MD, VA $ 300 $ 379 $ 445
Tier 5 15 cubic yards Triple Tier 3 DC, MD, VA $ 360 $ 449 $ 499
* Each cubic yard is about the size of an average washer or dryer

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Junk Removal Prices for Construction Debris & Yard Waste

(Includes loading, hauling, Recycling & dump fees)

Type of Material Volume Aggregate** Limit Price Each Additional
Construction Debris* 5 Cubic Yards 1 Cubic Yard $ 200 $ 100
Construction Debris* 15 Cubic 1 Cubic Yard $ 360 $ 300
Aggregate** 1 Cubic Yard 1 Cubic Yard $ 240 $ 120
Yard Waste*** 15 Cubic Yards N/A $ 300 $ 280
-All  debris and waste must be within 10 yards (30 feet) of the loading area
*All construction debris smaller than a foot long must be in contractor bags
** Heavy dry building material (Aggregate) such as bricks, cinder blocks, dirt, stones, concrete, etc.
***Limited to lumber and branches of up to 6 inches

Not sure which Tier to choose?

Items with surcharge

•CRT Monitors

What we do not take

•Auto Parts
•Fluorescent Lamps
•Food Scraps
•Hazardous Waste
•Mercury containing products
•Oil based paint
•Any item that is restricted by your State, County or Local Municipality*

*Collection of some type of material may be restricted in some States, Counties or Municipalities. Please contact us if you would like our assistance in finding out if these restrictions would apply to you.


20% Active Duty Military*
10% Senior Citizen & Veteran*

*Discounts cannot be combined with any other deals, coupons or discounts